Draft day is finally upon us! We’ll be giving live reactions tonight as the draft unfolds, so be sure to refresh the page often. Tonight’s contributors include Justin Worsley and Nick Binioris.

7:41 – Adam Schefter tweeted that the Bears are considering trading back from No. 3. At this point, it seems like all five teams in the top of the draft want to move back. The problem is finding a trade partner. – Justin

8:05 – Glad to see Roger Goodell has developed a sense of humor about being booed at the draft every year. – Justin

8:07 – Cleveland is on the clock. Browns fans better hope the Trubisky rumors aren’t serious. – Justin

8:09 – Wow – Mel Kiper is already in mid-draft form. Don’t say anything bad about Myles Garrett to him. – Nick

8:13 – The Browns select Myles Garrett. Huge sigh of relief for Browns fans (and my mock draft). Cleveland now has someone who can terrorize Andy Dalton and Ben Roethlisberger. – Justin

8:17 – Bears just traded up to second overall. Good move for the 49ers, who wanted to get a few more picks. Adam Schefter is reporting that the Bears have coveted Solomon Thomas. There goes my perfect mock. – Justin

8:21: – 49ers get the Bears third overall pick, the Bears third and fourth this year and the 2018 fourth rounder.

8:22 – Bears select Mitchell Trubisky. Why did they throw so much money at Mike Glennon only to take a quarterback second overall? This makes no sense, especially now that they traded up. – Justin

8:23 – First surprise of the draft. Who knows what Trubisky becomes but in the event he becomes a franchise quarterback for Chicago, the Bears got a franchise quarterback at a huge discount in comparison to what most teams pay to move up to take a quarterback. -Nick

8:29 – 49ers select Solomon Thomas. Not too surprising of a pick, but how many defensive linemen from the PAC-12 do they need? Regardless, I like Thomas, as I mentioned in my mock yesterday, he reminds me of Justin Tuck. – Justin

8:30 – The rest of the roster might not be very good but the 49ers have D-lineman galore. They continue their annual drafting of a PAC-12 defensive end. Like the player, fit is questionable. – Nick

8:35 – Jaguars take Leonard Fournette. I mocked Fournette in mock of my mocks leading up to the draft, but my gut said the 49ers would take the LSU back.- Justin

8:37 – All that talk about Christian McCaffrey being the first running back off the board proved to be smoke. Jacksonville hopes Fournette takes the pressure off of embattled starter Blake Bortles. Tom Coughlin likes the run game. -Nick

8:41 – Titans select Corey Davis. Tennessee needed a weapon for Mariota, but this was an absolute reach, especially with Jamal Adams on the board. I like Davis for Tennessee in the teens. Fixing the secondary was more important than adding a receiver. – Justin

8:44 – I like the player but don’t love the spot he’s taken at. Probably a bit of a reach. That said, with the luxury of 2 first rounders it gives you a little more room for error. If he turns into the number 1 WR people expect him to be the Titans probably won’t regret it. Adams still on the board. Jets reportedly are really high on him. – Nick

8:48 – It looks like the Jets are taking Jamal Adams. Two years ago, Leonard Williams slipped to them at sixth overall and it looks like one of the best players of this year’s draft fell to them again. I love this pick for them. – Justin

8:50 – “He’s probably the best player drafted by a New York team from LSU in the last five years.” Justin Feinberg with sarcasm. Good pick though. Jets need talent everywhere. -Nick

8:56 – More on the Titans pick. As a Titans fan, I still don’t love the pick. For me to be happy with it, Davis hasto wind up becoming a better pro than Adams or Marshon Lattimore. – Justin

8:58 – Chargers select Mike Williams. Adam Schefter just tweeted that there was going to be a run at wide receiver. With Keenan Allen coming back from a torn ACL, this will take some pressure off of him. – Justin

9:00 – Chargers have young players at running back, tight end and now wide receiver. Surrounding Philip Rivers with some quality weapons. Maybe a bit of a reach but it’s a strange draft where teams reach for need a little more than usual. – Nick

9:04 – Panthers take Christian McCaffrey. Finally a second pick correct! I still don’t get the love affair with McCaffrey. I had him as a borderline first rounder leading up to this week. – Justin

9:05 – McCaffrey goes top 10 like rumored. I don’t get the insane hype for him. He does a lot of things well, but he’s touted as an almost can’t miss prospect. That said, I think he’ll fit well next to Cam Newton. – Nick

9:11 – Bengals take John Ross. What? This is the biggest surprise of the draft so far, especially since all signs were pointing to the Bengals going defense. Ross is a complimentary piece to A.J. Green, but I think it’s too early for him and doesn’t fill a need as significant as defensive end. By the way Jonathan Allen is still available. – Justin

9:14 – Chiefs just traded up to 10th overall. No idea who they are selecting here, but I know they have been interested in Pat Mahomes. – Justin

9:15  – Chiefs traded their first and third rounders this year and their first next year. It makes sense given how high they are trading up. Don’t forget – Alex Smith is a free agent in 2018. – Justin

9:17 – John Ross the biggest surprise in the draft so far only until Mahomes goes one pick later to the Chiefs. Johnathan Allen, Malik Hooker and Marshon Lattimore all fall out of the top 10. – Nick

9:28 – Saints select Marshon Lattimore. Great value pick for New Orleans. Lattimore is oozing with athleticism and has a great ceiling. New Orleans needed to address their defense on all levels. – Justin

9:29 – Great shakeout for the Saints. Got the the top player at arguably their biggest position of need. Might make the rumors of a trade of Malcolm Butler moot now too. -Nick

9:31 – Texans trade up with Houston. It looks like Deshaun Watson is going to Houston – Justin

9:32 – Cleveland got Houston’s first rounder in 2018 in this deal. The Browns now own the Texans first and second round picks next year. They’re going to hope the Texans fall flat. – Justin

9:35 – Houston selected Deshaun Watson. Good fit for Watson. They have a talented roster and Watson has a great mentality for the position. This is a big upgrade from Brock Osweiler. – Justin

9:37 – What Justin said. I will keep my thoughts to myself from now on … Bill O’Brien gets a young talented quarterback to groom. And unlike most quarterbacks going to terrible situations he’ll have plenty of talent on both sides of the ball to help out. – Nick

9:45 – Cardinals select Haason Reddick. Intriguing selection. His stock went sky high following a stellar combine. Daryl Washington was reinstated, but I think this pick seals his fate in the desert. – Justin

9:47 – Reddick’s stock skyrocketed after the combine. It’s an interesting fit in the Cards defense with Reddick’s position versatility. – Nick

9:52 – Eagles take Derek Barnett. This pick really surprises me. The Eagles defensive line is one of their strongest units while they needed help in the secondary or running back. Still, he is one of the best available players. – Justin

9:54 – Eagles went best player on their board it seems. Other guys who fill bigger needs but Barnett is a quality player. – Nick

9:59 – Colts take Malik Hooker. It was down to either Hooker or Jonathan Allen. Colts needed to take the best defensive player available. – Justin

10:01 – Could have gone Johnathan Allen but Free Safety was also a need. Hooker had a lot of top 10 buzz headng into tonight so it’s good value. – Nick

10:06 – Ravens select Marlon Humphrey. That kid seemed really excited about the pick. I’m not entirely sure why. He wasn’t even the best Alabama player available that fit a need for Baltimore with Jonathan Allen, O.J. Howard and Cam Robinson still available. – Justin

10:09 – Surprising pick. Jimmy Smith is there and Brendan Carr was just signed to play opposite in him. Seems like better fits (from Alabama) were available. – Nick

10:15 – Redskins take Jonathan Allen. Allen was looked at as early as second overall, but it looks like his shoulder injuries scared away a lot of teams. Washington gets a great value pick here. – Justin

10:16 – One of the easier real-time picks to call in real time with Allen. Need matches up with value for the Skins. -Nick

10:20 – Titans take Adoree’ Jackson. Why? I get that cornerback was a need, but Jackson is nothing more than a nickel corner. He has extra value as a returner, but this is a bad pick, especially with Reuben Foster still available. – Justin

10:22 – Reach on Adoree. Tennessee needed a cornerback but the Titans reached on both of their first round picks. They fill a need but not great value for either. – Nick

10:25 – Bucs take O.J. Howard. Once Baltimore passed on him, it looked like Tampa would be Howard’s landing spot. I like this pick. Cameron Brate wasn’t bad last season, but Howard is an upgrade and could potentially allow the Bucs to run two tight end packages. – Justin

10:30 – Howard was the best player on the board by far. Brate was very good last year but hard to pass up on the talent. -Nick

10:34 – Broncos go Garrett Bolles to fix their bad offensive line. Some question marks regarding him but a lot of athletic ability. – Nick

10:35 – I finally got my third correct pick! Denver reportedly looked to move up for McCaffrey and tried to pry Joe Thomas from Cleveland, but they wound up standing pat and taking Bolles. Protecting Paxton Lynch/Trevor Siemien was a priority this offseason. – Justin

10:37 – Lions are taking Jarrad Davis. Reuben Foster’s horrific offseason is costing him. Talent-wise he is definitely a top 10 player, but the off-field concerns are piling up. – Justin

10:42 – Dolphins take Charles Harris. The Dolphins lost Olivier Vernon last year and tried to replace him with a far past his prime Mario Williams and it didn’t work out well. Cameron Wake is turning 35 so finding a younger pass rusher was a priority.

10:49 – Giants take Evan Engram. What the hell has Jerry Reese been thinking over the past three years. It’s not even the fact that David Njoku is a better prospect, but Engram is incredibly overrated. He’s not athletic enough to be a wide receiver and too poor of a blocker to be a tight end. This may be the worst pick in the first round. – Justin

10:54 – Raiders take Gareon Conley. This is probably the biggest surprise of the draft. Conley was accused of rape just a day ago. He has denied these claims and the general feeling was that he would slip to the third round. Raiders aren’t afraid of bad PR. It will be one of the biggest offseason stories to watch. – Justin

10:59 – Browns select Jabrill Peppers. Another surprise pick. I thought Peppers would fall out of Round 1 following a diluted urine test at the combine. Peppers is purely a box safety who will contribute greatly in the run game. – Justin

11:06 – Falcons traded up. They have been looking to do so for a few days now, but I haven’t been able to figure out who they have coveted. – Justin

11:08 – Falcons takes Takkarist McKinley and I get another pick correct – kind of. Atlanta traded up, but I am still counting this as a win for me. Vic Bealsey feasted on inferior tackles this year, but when he faced better opposition, like Marcus Cannon in the Super Bowl, the edge rush disappeared. – Justin

11:18 – Bills takes Tre’Davious White. This pick makes a lot of sense. Buffalo lost Stephon Gilmore in free agency and it was imperative that they replaced him. I like White, and I think this is a good value for him. – Justin

11:22 – Dallas takes Taco Charlton. Dallas really wanted Charles Harris, but Miami took him already. Defensive end was a serious need. – Justin

11:24 – Green Bay traded out of the first round. Sorry Packers fans. Has to suck to be waiting all night for your team to pick only for them to trade out of the first round. See you tomorrow. – Justin

11:28 – Browns take David Njoku. I like Njoku’s ceiling more than O.J. Howard’s. He’s an absolute threat as a receiver. His blocking needs to improve, but this gives whoever is going to be the signal caller in Cleveland another weapon. – Justin

11:32 – Pittsburgh is taking T.J. Watt. I had DeShone Kizer going to Pittsburgh, but I didn’t like the pick even as I wrote it. Watt fills a bigger need and is a better overall prospect. So much for them freaking out over Kizer’s availability. – Justin

11:34 – San Francisco traded up. – Justin

11:40 – 49ers take Reuben Foster. Goodell definitely just called him Reuben Froster. 49ers have needed an inside linebacker since Patrick Willis has retired and have found their guy in someone who has top 10 talent, but off-field issues forced him to 31st overall. – Justin

11:43 – Saints select Ryan Ramczyk. A bit of a head-scratcher. New Orleans has a lot of talent on the offensive line as it is and it isn’t like any of these guys are on expiring deals. – Justin