Yesterday, we lost our original Batman. Adam West died at 88 following a short battle with leukemia. West’s legacy lies in the 1960’s campy TV series, Batman, where he became the first person to don the cape and cowl on-screen, which helped prove that there is an audience for comic heroes, leading to the creation of the Batman films a generation later.

After the show’s cancellation, West struggled to find work due to being typecast, but drew new fame with a younger audience as the mayor of Quahog in Family Guy, where he played a character named after himself. While Mayor West was only a recurring character, he consistently served as one of the best bits of comic relief on the show, due much in part to the fact that you can’t help but see the Mayor as West himself, not a cartoon character who only shares his name. Below are his 10 best moments.

10. Don’t Mess Up Mayor West’s Pizza Order

9. Mayor West Defeats the Noid

8. Mayor West Gets Into a Shouting Match with Quahog

7. People Stand Up to Mayor West

6. Mayor West Marries His Hand

5. Mayor West Goes to Therapy

4. Mayor We

3. Mayor West Debates with Lois for Undecided Voters

2. Mayor West Tries to Get Superpowers

1. Somebody is Stealing Mayor West’s Water

Thank you for everything, Adam West. You will be missed.