It appears long before this week’s rumors that the Broncos were in talks with the Bengals over backup quarterback A.J. McCarron, someone made a pretty big offer to Cincinnati for the signal caller.

In today’s column on The MMQB, Albert Breer mentioned that a team offered a second-round pick for McCarron, who went in the fifth round of the 2014 NFL Draft.

Speaking of the Bengals, I’d be surprised if they move AJ McCarron for anything short of a blow-em-away deal. Cincinnati could have had a second-round pick for him this offseason, and chose to keep him, with the logic being if they deal him, they’ll have to spend a pick to replace him. And if they just keep him and let him walk in 2018, they’ll get a comp pick back anyway.

That’s a pretty significant price to turn down for a player who isn’t starting on your team. McCarron is, of course, behind Andy Dalton on the depth chart and is in the final year of his deal. He has only made three starts in his career – all in 2015 – but looked impressive, completing 66.4-percent of his passes with six touchdowns and two interceptions. He was a bit of a statue though, getting sacked 12 times.

As Breer mentioned, it appears the Bengals were looking for a “blow-em-away” deal, but how could they not be blown away by a second round pick for a guy with such limited tape and game experience? A second rounder is much better than what they would receive as a compensatory pick, which at best comes at the end of the third round. Not to mention, they didn’t necessarily need to draft another quarterback to replace him anyway as they have Jeff Driskel stashed on their team, a sixth rounder last year who they poached from San Francisco last season.

It seems that at the end of the day, the Bengals bungled a chance to sell high on someone who isn’t even going to see the field unless an injury occurs to Dalton. But then again, considering the shape the offensive line is in, there is a pretty decent chance of that happening.

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