Miami Dolphins wide receiver Jarvis Landry has been named to two consecutive Pro Bowls, but it doesn’t seem that Head Coach Adam Gase is too interested in retaining him.

Landry is in the final year of his deal but Miami hasn’t made any efforts to sign him to an extension. The Ringer’s Mike Lombradi reported that the team would trade him, something Gase has since denied.

But why trade Landry? While Landry has been a productive NFL player, he is limited to the slot only. All of Landry’s 122 targets came in the slot last year and while being a quality slot receiver is valuable, the amount of money Landry will likely command will be too much for a wideout who can’t line up on the outside.

Landry also isn’t a touchdown threat. He has score 13 touchdowns in three career NFL seasons and his 5-foot-11, 206-pound frame hurts him in the red zone. Landry was targeted just nine times inside the 20-yard line last year.

Instead, Gase wants to make former first round pick DeVante Parker the focus of this offense and the signing of Jay Cutler should help. Parker and Cutler have immediately built a rapport while Landry hasn’t shown any signs of chemistry with his new quarterback.

If the Dolphins are serious about not re-signing Landry, then trading him makes a ton of sense, especially before the season begins. His value is at it’s highest right now and with a salary of $893,850, he is more than affordable for any team in need of a wideout. The conundrum, however, is that if Miami does consider themselves serious playoff contenders, even with Cutler, then Landry would be helpful for them.

This situation is just the most recent example that the NFL is a business and things change all the time. Landry was drafted as a part of an old regime and Gase owes him no loyalty.

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