Fourteen years after a forgettable “Jurassic Park III,” the franchise has been revived with “Jurassic World” complete with a fresh new cast and new story.

Jurassic World is a amusement park located on the same island as the previous films and has been highly successful — but always looking for new ways to bring a crowd. To do so, an entirely new species is created through gene splicing with (surprise) disastrous results.

As a whole, the film is entertaining (and will make a ton of money), but the storyline is stale and overdone. Scientists again try to play God only for it to fail miserably and again dangerous dinosaurs break loose at Jurassic World.

The person who steals the show, however is Chris Pratt, who is climbing the ranks as one of Hollywood’s best actors. He provides all the bravado of any typical male lead in a film like this and even shows a sensitive side with his bonding of the velociraptors, much like Sea World trainers do with the orca whales.

Bryce Dallas Howard plays her part well, but her character, Claire, is extremely poor. Claire is bone-dry, boring and almost robotic as the park’s operations manager. Despite this being a film where scientists revive extinct dinosaurs out of mosquitoes, the most unbelievable part of this film is her ability to sprint in heels, and at one point outrunning some of the fastest prehistoric animals.

B.D. Wong reprises his character as Dr. Henry Wu, but it is almost pointless. His character is an attempt to tie in at least one former character from the film series and vilify him in the process, but it fails to do that.

What the film misses most, however, is Jeff Goldbum and his sarcasm, which is what really made the previous (relevant) films memorable.

With improvements in technology over the past 14 years, there is a vast improvement shown in the dinosaurs in this film compared to previous installments, especially with a dinosaurs that was essentially created from scratch.

Overall, “Jurassic World” is worth the trip to theaters and is an excellent popcorn film, but don’t go in expecting it to compare to the 1993 classic.



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