For the first time, the MLB is celebrating Players Weekens on Aug. 25-27. Each team will wear special jerseys and the nameplate on the back will be a nickname selected by the player rather than their last name. Let’s see how creative they got.


Albert Pujols of course stuck with the Machine. Keynan Middleton channeling his inner DJ Khaled and going with Major Key is nice though.



100 Miles Giles! Get it, because Ken Giles can crack triple digits. But that’s been his nickname since his days in Philadelphia.



Kendall Graveman going by Digger is funny. Not shown is Josh Phegley, who picked PTBNL, that’s awesome.

Blue Jays:


I had to do a double-take on J.A. Happ – I thought it said “Harper.” Marco Estrada went with Estradabien was clever, but the best of the bunch is Josh Donaldson going by Bringer of Rain with his 15 home runs on the season.



Nick Markakis made a subtle reference to his three children, whose name all start with the letter “T.” Lane Adams going with LA Swiftness was clever.



McCalvy is right, Davies going by Bat Bay was the best of the bunch. Garza’s sense of self-awareness is also noticeable.



Seung-hwan Oh having his name written in Korean is a nice touch. Michael Wacha missed a golden chance to have “Wacha Flocka” on his jersey.



Ian Happ and Toronto’s J.A. Happ copied each other! Carl Edwards Jr. took the fast food chain’s moniker while Javier Baez took El Mago, which is Spanish for “the magician.”



Chris Heremann opting for Heerm the Worm while Gregor Blanco plays on his name with White Shark.



Chase Utley missed a great chance to go by “Met Killer.” Yasiel Puig picking Wild Horse, however, is fitting.



First off, these jerseys are hideous. Kudos to the Giants, however, for calling out Brandon Belt and Joe Panik. Hunter Pence went with Wawindaji, which is Swahili for “hunters.” Matt Cain going by The Horse is funny because he has been anything but this season.



Trevor Bauer going with Bauer Outtage is pretty cool, as is Carlos Santana going with Slamtana. Francisco Lindor going by Mr. Smile has gotten a lot of attention.



The clear winner here – and one of the best ones in the league – is Kyle Seager going by Corey’s Brother. Nelson Cruz going with Boomstick is a nice touch and James Paxton honoring his home country with Big Maple.



Giancarlo Stanton made a nice nod to his full name: Giancarlo Michael Cruz Stanton. Dee Gordon honored his mother with Varis Strange and Edinson Volquez goes with Steady Eddie.



Michael Conforto was named Scooter by teammate Noah Syndergaard and it stuck. Yoenis Cespedes’ name is Spanish for “The Power.” Asdrubal Cabrera’s name is Spanish for “Tiny Tot.”



Bryce Harper is just 24, but is already a five-time All-Star, making Big Kid a fitting name. Max Scherzer also makes an awesome reference to having heterochromia iridum.



Yeesh, the Orioles took a page out of the Giants book with these jerseys. Outside of Manny Machado going by Mr. Miami, most people either shortened their last name, used their first name or did nothing.


The only thing that could make Brad Hand going by Brotato better would be if one of his teammates was “Chip.” Jered Weaver selected Three Six, which surprisingly is not his ERA.



Andrew Knapp going by Knapp Time is fitting given that he goes to sleep behind the dish, throwing out just 22 percent of baserunners this season. Aaron Altherr is clearly a “Key & Peele” fan.



Ivan Nova going by Super Nova is great as is Gerrit Cole’s Cole Train. David Freese has a pretty interesting backstory behind his name.


Adrian Beltre donned a variation of his childhood nickname, “Kojak,” which he couldn’t use due to copyright issues. I don’t think Alex Claudio is aware that Chomo is slang for “child molester.” Cole Hamels has the same name as Arizona’s Archie Bradley with Hollywood.


Tommy Hunter going by Tommy Two Towel is an early fan favorite. Chris Archer’s name is another good once, Flaco Fuerte is Spanish for “Skinny Strong.”



The Reds come out with the best jerseys from Players Weekend with a look that resembles their Big Red Machine days. Votto is wearing Tokki 2, which pairs up with Texas’ Shin-Soo Choo, who is Tokki 1. Votto gave a great explanation on the reasoning, as tokki Korean for “rabbit.”

Red Sox:


Dustin Pedroia going by the Laser Show was an obvious choice. Chris Sale pointing out his wiry frame with Stickman is memorable. David Price went with Astro’s Dad, which sounds like a slight at Houston, but it’s actually a nod to his French bulldog, Astro.



Charlie Blackmon going by Chuck Natzy for the weekend is a classic. Surprisingly it seems that a lot of the starting pitchers just shortened their last names.



Brandon Maurer’s name looked good until Trevor Bauer one-upped him with a similar last name. Danny Duffy missed a great chance to be the Duff Man.



While the Astros Brian McCann stuck with his last name, James McCann took advantage of the weekend by going with McCannon. Mikie Mahtook going by Night Hawk is great, but the biggest question is, what’s a Fulm Piece (Michael Fulmer)?



Ervin Santana is going by Magic, an apt description for some of his starts this season. Volador, which is Spanish for “Flying Fish,” is the moniker for Adalberto Mejia. Max Kepler’s full last name is Kepler-Rozycki, so well see the lesser-known last name of his during the weekend.

White Sox:


Juego G is unsurprising for “Big Game” James Shields. Kevan Smith is giving a nod to his Polish roots, Szmydth was his family’s name before moving to America. Mal Tiempo is Jose Abreu’s hometown.



Surprise, the Yankees will have names on the backs of their jerseys for once. All Rise is appropriate for Aaron Judge, as is The Missile for Aroldis Chapman. Starlin Castro’s All-Starlin is the best of the bunch though, while Jacoby Ellsbury going by Chief is a nice nod to his Native American roots.