On occasion, a movie will have a plothole so glaring it is hard not to notice it. Take a look at “Back to the Future,” can you really tell me that Marty McFly’s mother didn’t recognize her son to be the man who she fell in love with 30 years prior?

Even as film has become more sophisticated with the help of advanced technology, plotholes in film still exist. Here are films produced in the last 15 years with glaring plotholes. Please be aware that this list may contain spoilers.

“Batman Begins”

Batman Begins

When Scarecrow’s fear toxin is released among the streets of Gotham, Ra’s al Ghul and his team come wearing masks to destroy the city. When Ra’s al Ghul sees Batman, he removes his mask to speak to the caped crusader, exposing him to the toxins.

“Planet of the Apes”

Planet of the Apes 2001

Leo Davidson’s ship crashes on an uninhabited planet and ultimately becomes populated by the chimpanzees and human on the ship, but where did the horses come from?



Trudy Chacon decides to ignore a direct order of attacking the Nav’i’s Home Tree. Instead of receiving any type of punishment, she is free to walk around base like nothing happened. There is no way a military faction would tolerate such behavior and while the punishment may vary, something of this magnitude would demand a Court Marshall.

“Spider-Man 2”

Spider-Man 2

Doctor Octopus needs to capture Spider-Man in order to receive tritium from Harry Osborn. Osborn informs Doc Ock that Peter Parker is the key to finding Spider-Man but warns him not to hurt Parker. Having no clue that Parker actually is Spider-Man, he hurls Parker into a brick wall, which would have killed any mere mortal.

“The Butterfly Effect”

The Butterfly Effect

As the audience has learned multiple times in the movie at this point, any small change made in the past can drastically alter the future. When Evan Treborn is in jail, he tried to prove he has supernatural powers with his cellmates by going back in time and giving himself a visible scar. This would have altered the future and even if he did end up in prison again, his cellmates would have only known him with the scars, not without.



Mitch Emhoff’s wife is patient zero and Mitch seems to be the only one immune to the disease that is now spreading rapidly across Atlanta. Why did nobody try to test his blood to see if they could find a cure?

“Django Unchained”

Django Unchained

This error is more factual than other plotholes. The film takes place in 1858 and uses dynamite often. One issue, however, dynamite wasn’t invented for another six years when Germany created it in 1864. It did not become available in the U.S. until 1867.



So the police and criminal organizations are trying to find Kick-Ass to no avail. Big Daddy is able to find him by tracking his IP address from his MySpace page, which was pretty viral at the time. Nobody else thought of this?



Magneto’s helmet not only prevents Professor X from being able to read his mind, but Professor X also can’t track the Master of Magnetism through Cerebro. But Magneto is pretty much surrounded by Mystique, Toad and Sabertooth at all times in the film and they are subject to Professor X’s mind-reading powers. Why didn’t Magneto get helmets for them as well?



During the entire film, Wichita and Little Rock are seen as survivors and know what needs to be done in a zombie outbreak. So why would they turn on an amusement park, which has bright lights and loud sounds. More importantly, why are they even remotely surprised that this attracted a horde of zombies?

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