Hot off of an 0-5 start, the Cleveland Browns decided to bench rookie quarterback DeShone Kizer this week in favor of Kevin Hogan, but that wasn’t the only headline Kizer made this week.

The Browns aren’t very good right now, and given that Kizer liked a tweet that said the Browns were the “worst organization in the league.” However, when I went to his Twitter account today to see if he still liked the Tweet (he didn’t) I was baffled to see the other Tweets he has liked.

On Sept. 24, Kizer responded to President Donald Trump’s comments about players who protested the National Anthem, saying “I know for a fact that I’m no son of a bitch and I plan on continuing forward and doing whatever I can from my position to promote the equality that’s needed in this country.” Before the Sept. 24 game, a loss to the Colts, Kizer, who is biracial and the son of a police officer, locked arms with his fellow teammates.

Apparently, people didn’t take very kindly to this act and decided to air their grievances to him on Twitter. Here are some of the responses:





Apparently people were willing to like the Browns through 19 seasons in which they made the playoffs once, but Kizer sticking up for himself was the last straw. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯