Last month, Rangers third baseman Adrian Beltre was ejected for defying MLB umpire Gerry Davis and moving the on-deck circle while warming up before an at-bat in a game against the Marlins. Now, the Rangers will get the last laugh.

According to Evan Grant of the Dallas Morning News, Texas will honor Beltre, who recently joined the 3,000-hit club, on Sept. 8 before a game against the New York Yankees. The celebration will continue on Sept. 9 where they will give out 15,000 “on-deck circle” mouse pads.

The incident was one of the more odd and hilarious moments on the season, especially when you consider the fact that there is no rule in baseball about moving the on-deck circle, or where the circle should be placed in general. The Rangers are making the most of this opportunity and a wise way to prevent a bobblehead day since that would require someone to touch Beltre’s head, even if it is just a bobblehead version.