Don’t get too excited about last night’s win for the Cavaliers, within the next few days, the Golden State Warriors will be NBA champions and in the discussion for greatest team ever. In the meantime, they’ve made the NBA absolutely unwatchable, as their collection of superstars has destroyed any competitiveness within the league. It’s true that there may be some bandwagon fans that jumped on board the past few years, but a majority of basketball fans have a disdain for the team as a whole. But let’s delve deeper into how much you should hate each player individually. I will make a case for their 12-man roster as well as a hate meter from 1 to 10.

12. Shaun Livingston

Livingston is actually a great story of perseverance. The former No. 4 overall pick in 2004 was about to break out in a big way when he suffered a gruesome knee injury that almost required an amputation.  But Livingston recovered and was a journeyman making multiple stops including the D-League before revitalizing his career with the Nets and signing with Golden State the following year. His wingspan makes him a difficult matchup as the Warriors back-up point guard.  Hate Meter: 1

11. Ian Clark

Clark is about to cash in from his brief stint with the Warriors. Playing the role of guy who isn’t really talented at much other than shooting, but being on a team where he receives an absurd amount of spacing, Clark is about to disappoint another franchise who will expect him to continue his Warriors trajectory.  Hate Meter: 1.75 (But more if your team is the one to sign him.)

10. Andre Iguodala

My hate towards Iguodala has less to do with him than it does the hype surrounding him. I’m so tired of articles calling him a glue guy for a team with four other guys that have played in the Olympics! I can’t stand that he is a favorite for Sixth Man of the Year despite only scoring a little over seven points a game. Hate Meter: 4

9. David West

We will get back to a player who is a bigger sell out than West later in this article, but do not forget that West once turned down a $12 million contract with the Pacers to come to the Spurs to chase a title. Instead of playing a major role on a contending Indiana team, he chose to be a guy averaging seven points and four rebounds with the Spurs. When that didn’t work out, he jumped to Golden State to chase that elusive ring. It’s sad when a guy expected to be a prime contributor is content being the 10th man.  Hate Meter: 4.25

8. Klay Thompson

I once lost a game in NBA 2K because Thompson put up 60 points.  All of his shots were contested.  Hate Meter: 5.5

7. Patrick McCaw

Nothing grinds my gears quite like the idea that McCaw is going to celebrate this championship as if he were some integral part of this team that would have been in this exact same position without him. The fact that his Wikipedia page proclaims how vital he was in place of Kevin Durant during his injury and discusses his one big game in Game 2 of a Western Conference Finals tarnished by a dirty play in Game 1 says all you need to know.  Hate Meter: 6

6. JaVale McGee

The former co-star of Mom’s Got Game on the Oprah Winfrey Network would be No. 1 on most teams after the stunt he pulled this year with Shaq. Part of being a professional athlete is having your on-field gaffes called out. When TNT analyst (rightfully) displayed McGee’s lowlights on “Shaqtin’ a Fool,” McGee threw a hissyfit.  It’s unbecoming of a professional athlete.  Hate Meter: 8

5. Stephen Curry

I’m waiting for the day Russell Westbrook or Chris Paul or Kyrie Irving or any other elite point guard avoids guarding another elite player at all costs.  Curry is a two-time MVP for his elite shooting, probably the best in NBA history. He also has great handles. But what else does he really do? He isn’t an elite passer. He plays no defense. He lets Thompson do all of the grunt work on both ends and collects the glory. I could think of at least six other players I’d start a franchise with before this faux-superstar.  Hate Meter: 8.5

4. Matt Barnes

You don’t play $500 thousand in fines for nothing. He was a goon for the Lakers. And then he bragged about abusing his estranged wife, saying that after a fight with Derek Fisher, who was romancing her, that he “spit in her face.”  Hate Meter: 9.5

3. Kevin Durant

The man who singlehandedly ruined the Association,  It speaks a lot to his competitiveness that he would leave a Thunder team where he was the focal point of their 3-1 lead against Golden State to eventually join the Warriors after he was a major reason why they blew that lead. Most superstars in my lifetime have wanted to exact revenge over a team that publicly shamed them (see Kobe vs. the Celtics, LeBron vs, the Warriors, Spurs vs the Heatles). But I guess the saying goes, if you can’t beat them, join them. Hate Meter: 9.5

2. Zaza Pachulia

I am all for hard fouls and physical basketball. The Pistons of old days made Michael Jordan earn every basket and I’m all for that. But Pachulia is an ultimate goon. His fouls aren’t hard, they are dirty. There’s no room for that type of play in the NBA. Hate Meter: 9.7

1. Draymond Green

I’ve never disliked a player more. When he isn’t screaming after a play like a guy who just set his personal record at the gym and needs everyone else to know it, he is kicking guys in their sensitive areas. Hare Meter: 10

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