Album art is a key selling point for records. Catchy, appealing cover art can attract a new listener and can even become iconic over the years. Sometimes, however, an album cover can be so horrendously awful, it’s hard to imagine something that sounds so good coming from something that looks so bad. Listed below are albums that shouldn’t be judged by their cover.

Hot Rod Circuit “Sorry About Tomorrow”

Sorry About Tomorrow

In 2001, emo quartet Hot Rod Circuit was wanted by several labels. Ultimately they chose to sign with Vagrant and released “Sorry About Tomorrow,” the band’s most successful album. The cover art, however, was awkward in more ways than one. For a lack of better words, it appears that the album cover is a woman taking a shit. An enlarged version of the photo reveals, it is actually a woman sitting in a bathtub in Brooklyn, but who could figure that out?

JamisonParker “Sleepwalker”


Remember JamisonParker, the two-man band who hated each other so much that Jamison Covington walked off stage in the middle of a performance? Though tensions ultimately killed the band, the music they did make was very good and had a lot of potential. The album art for their sole full-length album, “Sleepwalker,” looks incredibly low-budget. The headshots of Covington and Parker Case looks like they were cutouts of a photograph that was then put into a scanner. Combine that with the ugly font for the band name, and the awkward use of the negative space and you have bad looking album cover.

The Spill Canvas “Gestalt”


Far from the best Spill Canvas, “Gestalt” is still a solid album. The art, however, not so much. The album fails to present an abstract art feel and lacks the depth to make it look appealing to the consumer. Instead, we are forced to see a mismatch of colors thrown together.

Taking Back Sunday – “Taking Back Sunday”

Taking Back Sunday

Far from their best release, but it isn’t like Taking Back Sunday has released a bad album. One of the most awkward parts of this album cover is the woman’s right arm, which is disproportionately large, almost like a knee. Where is the rest of her body? The art work also looks like the artist tried to make it a 3-D image on one half and sort of just gave up.

Alkaline Trio “From Here to Infirmary”

From Here to Infirmary

While this may be Alkaline Trio’s finest album, it is also their worst album cover. The punk trios album has the look and feel of a goth band, complete with the all black background and the white-out contact lenses. Instead, it just looks like three blind musicians and an early ’90s album cover despite the fact that “From Here to Infirmary” came out in 2001.

New Found Glory “Catalyst”


New Found Glory’s most commercially-successful album, which included “All Downhill From Here,” one of the band’s most recognizable songs. What the hell were Jordan Pundik and co. thinking when they approved this album art though? To date, it appears that this is the only album artwork done by Gunnar, the artist.

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