This morning, the Tennessee Titans and Los Angeles Rams made a blockbuster trade, with the Rams moving up from the No. 15 spot in the draft to No. 1. This is the first time a trade for the No. 1 overall pick was made before the draft since 2001, when the Chargers slid down to No. 5 in a trade with the Atlanta Falcons. San Diego also traded their first overall draft pick, Eli Manning to the Giants in 2004 shortly after they took him first overall.

Since the Titans drafted Marcus Mariota last season, they had no reason to draft a quarterback. The Rams, on the other hand, were desperate for a new signal caller. Nick Foles was arguably the worst starting quarterback in the NFL last season and with the team moving from St. Louis to Los Angeles, there was no way they could go there with Foles as their quarterback. Unable to bring someone in via free agency and not in an ideal position to draft one of the top available quarterbacks, the Rams had no choice but to move up, especially with several other teams negotiating with Tennessee for the top pick.

This trade, however, impacts more than just these two franchises. Check out the biggest winners and losers below:

Winner: Carson Wentz

The Rams claim they aren’t entirely sure who they are taking first overall, but you don’t make this trade unless you know who you’re taking. Early reports are that the team favors Wentz. Now Wentz will be able to play in a major market with a pretty decent team as opposed to Cleveland.

Winner: Jared Goff

Prior to the trade, I had Jared Goff going to the 49ers at No. 7. Now, Cleveland will either take Goff at No. 2 or trade down, with another quarterback-needy team who would also presumably draft Goff. Additionally, Goff is in “heavy consideration” to be picked by the Rams.

Winner: Tennessee Titans

Tennessee was better off trading down than they were using the No. 1 pick. With a need to upgrade at many positions, the Titans acquired enough picks to completely replenish their roster. With three picks, the second round is the most crucial for the Titans in this draft.

Winner: Los Angeles Rams

The Rams played a king’s ransom and as it stands now, they’re the losers of this trade, but this trades gives the a face of the franchise as they move to Los Angeles and more importantly, will help them sell tickets.

Loser: Laremy Tunsil

Tunsil was the odds-on favorite to be drafted first overall by Tennessee, but now that’s not the case. His most likely destination now is No. 3 to San Diego, which isn’t a bad consolation.

Loser: Jalen Ramsey

No defensive back has been taken in the top three since 1997, but that hasn’t stopped the Jalen Ramsey Hype Train. Ramsey will now likely fall out of the top three.

Loser: San Francisco 49ers

San Francisco was likely going to take Jared Goff at No. 7, but that’s not the case now. Unless they can pull off a trade with Cleveland, they most likely need to trade down. This also kills a reported trade Denver had with San Francisco involving Colin Kaepernick, which was contingent on the 49ers drafting a quarterback.

Loser: Denver Broncos

With the aforementioned trade likely killed, the Broncos may be stuck sending out Mark Sanchez as their starting quarterback this season.