senior baseball writer Ken Rosenthal revealed Rangers pitcher Yu Darvish’s no-trade list today on Twitter:


Darvish, of course, could waive his no-trade clause to engineer a trade to one of these teams. Teams have tried to work out a trade in the past only for a player to invoke his no-trade clause at the end. Jonathan Lucroy did so with Cleveland last season.

While Baltimore, the White Sox, Detroit, Oakland, Toronto and Pittsburgh were likely not in the running since they aren’t in contention, this is a crushing blow to the Cubs, who were scouting Darvish last week.

As Rosenthal mentions, Darvish can’t veto a trade to the Dodgers, Yankees or Astros. While all three have the assets to complete a trade, it’s hard to imagine that the Rangers will trade to both their interdivision and interstate rivals in Houston.

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